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Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m predominantly an oil painter of contemporary figurative work.  I grew up all over the country, East Cost to West Cost and Indian Reservations in between, but Arizona and the Southwest are where my heart lies.  I am a rancher’s son who solidified his life’s passion in college by revectoring from studying Agronomy to Art.  Art has always been my landscape and I am now pursuing that career and passion full time.  My wife and I recently moved from Seattle back to Arizona so that we both may continue to pursue our passions and experience more of the Country. 

            My path to get to this point has been an interesting one.  I taught high school art for nearly seven years in Colorado after earning my BFA in art education at the University of Arizona.  Although I loved teaching, in 2013 I stopped teaching and have been pursuing my art career full-time. While in Seattle I had the honor of being a student in Juliette Aristides Atelier.  My portfolio stretches from classically painted portraits, figurative and contemporary surreal works to album covers, children’s books, and pottery.  I am a prolific artist creating art and expressing my passions through these different mediums.  My art conveys the central message of a zest for life and a curiosity of the unknown after we are gone.  I feel what really matters is the stuff you feel inside you, the emotions and wonder.

            My goals are to continue to work on my art full time as well as show work at galleries and museums.  I’m am grateful for being accepted to art shows that help me reach those goals and help find a new audience and patrons for my work.  Another goal is to focus on the process itself of creating great artwork. 

             My need to create great art comes from a feeling that borders on urgency.  That urgency comes from the reality that we are not on this Earth for very long and that what we do with that time matters.  I feel that my art will live on after I’m gone and I feel I owe it to the artwork and to myself to do the best I can creating it.  Making art is how I am true to myself and to others.